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Wrongful Death in a Nursing Home

Losing a loved one is always very difficult; however, losing a loved one due to wrongful death, because nursing home care providers neglected or abused your loved one, is especially difficult. When an individual dies as the result of nursing home abuse or neglect in a PhiladelphiaPennsylvania, or New Jersey nursing home, family members have the legal right to file a nursing home abuse / neglect lawsuit. That’s where a wrongful death attorney such as Brian P. Murphy comes into play. Family members have the right to receive financial compensation for the loss of their loved ones. Contact nursing home attorney Brian P. Murphy for a free consultation.


Defining Nursing Home Wrongful Death

“Wrongful” death at a nursing home occurs when a nursing home resident dies as a direct result of injuries that were caused by the neglectful or abusive behavior of nursing home care providers. The injuries causing the wrongful death can vary. Some common types of injuries resulting in nursing home wrongful death and those warranting the call to a wrongful death attorney include, but are not limited to:

Nursing home wrongful death may also occur if a resident causes the death of another resident and the nursing home fails to take action to prevent the death from occurring. Typically, this happens when a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey nursing home fails to properly monitor and supervise its residents. Sadly, this is more common than one might think.

Who Can Bring a Nursing Home Wrongful Death Claim

What differentiates nursing home wrongful death claims from traditional nursing home abuse or neglect claims is the individual who brings the claim. Typically, nursing home abuse claims are brought by the injured party; however, when the injured party has died, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey laws require that another individual bring the wrongful death claim on behalf of the estate of the decedent. If the decedent died with a Will (testate), his or her executor or executrix has the legal authority to bring the wrongful death action. If the decedent died without a Will (intestate) then certain individuals such as the decedent’s spouse, children, or siblings can be named as the administrator or administratrix. Under Philadelphia, PA, and NJ laws, a wrongful death claim can be brought if the decedent would have been able to file a personal injury claim had he or she lived.

Contact Wrongful Death Attorney Brian P. Murphy

Irrespective of how the death occurs, whether it be by neglect of facility care providers or abuse by another resident, the loved ones of the deceased resident have legal rights. Laws in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey allow family members to file a nursing home lawsuit against the nursing home and/or individual care providers and be compensated for the loss of their loved one. Filing a legal action against a nursing home for wrongful death is very complicated. You need the experience of a nursing home attorney to assist you. Wrongful death attorney Brian P. Murphy is a well-regarded Pennsylvania & New Jersey nursing home litigator. Contact Mr. Murphy for a free consultation. He has filed a litany of nursing home lawsuits against nursing homes for wrongful death. Learn your rights today.

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