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The Advantage of Experience

Mr. Murphy’s years of experience litigating nursing home abuse and neglect matters, on a daily basis, has brought him an invaluable wealth of knowledge that has proven to be a substantial benefit to his clients. Mr. Murphy’s familiarity with the issues his clients face and his insights into the flawed defenses nursing homes try to raise has proven to provide his clients a distinct advantage over their adversaries.  Mr. Murphy is an experienced advocate who has earned his clients millions of dollars in compensation against wrongdoing nursing homes. See what Mr. Murphy’s former clients have said about him.


Committed to Your Cause

You need to know that nursing homes put forth a very strong defense when they are sued. Accordingly, you need an attorney that is truly committed to your cause. An attorney that stays engaged in your lawsuit throughout the litigation and an attorney who fights hard to assert your loved one’s rights when the nursing home attempts to deny their responsibility for the neglect or abuse.

Over the years, Mr. Murphy has uncovered some very disturbing instances of nursing home abuse and neglect at certain Philadelphia-area, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey nursing homes. The disrespect and lack of care some elderly nursing home residents receive is deeply troubling and inspires Mr. Murphy to fight hard for his clients rights. From the very start of any case, Mr. Murphy is committed to his cause and very confident he can successfully resolve the case for his clients.

Abuse and neglect of nursing home residents is reprehensible. Mr. Murphy firmly believes in the rule of law and files nursing home lawsuits in order to send a powerful message to the nursing home industry that abuse and neglect of our elderly will not be tolerated.


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