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Medication Errors in Pennsylvania & New Jersey Nursing Homes

Medication errors happen with too much frequency at Philadelphia / Pennsylvania and New Jersey nursing homes. Medication errors at nursing homes are particularly concerning because elderly residents are far more vulnerable to complications than the general population. Negligently providing a elderly nursing home resident too much medication or the wrong medication can lead to very serious and often life-threatening conditions.

Common signs of nursing home medication errors include:

  • Incorrect medication provided to a resident
  • Improper doses of medication provided to a resident
  • Providing a resident medication that is not accordance with their physician’s orders

If you believe that your family member may have been subjected to a medication error at a Philadelphia / PA or NJ nursing home, you should contact a nursing home abuse attorney such as Brian P. Murphy to instruct you of your loved one’s rights. Mr. Murphy has litigated nursing home medical error cases against for years. He offers a one-on-one, free case consultation to determine if you have a nursing home abuse or neglect case.


Signs of  Nursing Home Medication Errors

If your family members day-to-day conduct and behavior has changed in any significant way, a review of your loved one’s medication records is advisable. A resident’s change in conduct or behavior due to medication errors can vary widely. With certain medication errors nursing home residents may be more physically and/or verbally aggressive to the staff and other residents . However, other medication errors might cause a resident to be withdrawn, quiet or depressed.

Regardless of the behavior you observe, if you witness your loved one acting suddenly and inexplicably different, you should immediately bring it to the attention of the nursing home staff. Your family member’s medical chart can  then be reviewed for any possible medication errors. If a medication error is found and you believe your loved one has suffered an injury because of the error, contact nursing home attorney, Brian P. Murphy.


Medication Errors and Nursing Home Injuries

Nursing home residents can suffer a variety of different injuries as a result of medication errors. Some common injuries include stroke, heart attack, an overall physical and/or mental deterioration, falls leading to fractures and head injuries, choking, and death. If you have reason to believe medication errors led to your family member’s injuries, contact the nursing home staff immediately to avoid further injury. Then, call nursing home attorney Brian P. Murphy for a free one-on-one case evaluation.


Medication Errors are a Sign of Nursing Home Neglect

Medication errors often occur because of nursing home neglect. Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing homes have the duty to make sure they have sufficient nursing staff to provide adequate care and that their nurses are properly trained.  When medication errors occur it is often the case that the nursing home staff was not trained properly or they were simply too overwhelmed by their duties to administer medication timely and/or correctly. Under such circumstances, nursing homes neglect has occurred.
Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing homes are mandated to abide by specific protocols when administering medication to residents. If they fail to do so, they have committed nursing home neglect and are responsible for the injuries that occur.


You Need the Guidance of a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Filing a lawsuit involving nursing home medication errors is a complex undertaking. It not only involves complicated medical issues but also requires a comprehensive understanding of the nursing home industry and the laws that govern it. You would greatly benefit from the knowledge and experience of Brian P. Murphy, Esq. Mr. Murphy has years of experience as a nursing home abuse attorney. He can guide you through the litigation process. Attorney Brian P. Murphy, Esq. has handled a litany of nursing home abuse and neglect cases involving medication errors. He litigates cases throughout Philadelphia / Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Contact him today for a free, one-on-one case evaluation.


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