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Benefit from an Effective Settlement Negotiator

Going to trial is always your right but it also poses risks. Many times clients times prefer to avoid the risk of trial and instead settle their case. If you decide to settle, you need to know that your attorney has the experience and skill set to aggressively negotiate for you a settlement that maximizes the compensation you receive.

Most New Jersey and Philadelphia-area nursing home lawsuits settle without the need for trial. If you are considering bringing an action against a nursing home in New Jersey or the Philadelphia area, you would greatly benefit from the experience of an experienced settlement negotiator and nursing home attorney Brian P. Murphy.  Mr Murphy has extensive experience litigating and negotiating settlements in nursing home abuse and neglect cases. He has settled a litany of nursing home cases and earned his clients millions of dollars in compensation.

Mr. Murphy understands strengths and weaknesses of nursing home abuse and neglect cases and he knows how to fully utilize the strengths as leverage in negotiating your case. His diligence and eye for detail often catch his adversaries off guard which commonly leads to very favorable settlements for his clients. Mr. Murphy is often successful in obtaining settlements substantially higher than initial offers made by his adversaries.


When to Settle Your Case

Settling a case can happen at any time in the process. Some client’s want to send the wrongdoing nursing home a message but, for one reason or another,  do not wish to file a lawsuit. In such instances, Mr. Murphy has had great success in settling nursing home abuse and neglect cases pressuit. Other clients prefer to file suit and litigate the matter and then mediate the case (see more on mediation below). This too is an option. Still other clients wish to push the case all the way to trial and settle the matter during a pre-trial settlement conference. These are all options for clients to consider as they make their way through the legal process. Mr. Murphy makes certain his clients understand the advantages and disadvantages as to when they settle their case.


Keeping You Well Advised

When engaging in negotiations, clients are often uncertain how to place a dollar value on the neglect or abuse their loved one has suffered. This is where Mr. Murphy’s years of experience as settlement negotiator in handling New Jersey and Philadelphia-area nursing home cases becomes particularly valuable. Mr. Murphy will take the time to break down the case for you sharing with you his insights about the cases strengths and weaknesses. See what Mr. Murphy’s former clients have said about him. Although every case is different and there is no set value for any particular injury in a nursing home case, Mr. Murphy will discuss his experiences settling matters with similar injuries. This is always helpful process to clients.

Once negotiations commence and an offer is made by the nursing home, Mr. Murphy will advise you on how best to proceed. He will fully discuss with you the options you have before you. Often Mr. Murphy rejects initial offers and counters with an increased amount. Many times nursing homes raise their offers significantly before Mr. Murphy finally agrees to settle a matter. Before an agreement is reached Mr. Murphy always speaks with his clients one final time and explains to them the pros and cons settling to make certain his clients are making well-informed decisions.


The Benefits of Mediation

Mr. Murphy can sometimes engage his adversaries directly and negotiate a settlement. However, other times, a third-party mediator may need to be involved. Mediators are independent individuals who have no interest or involvement in the case and are hired by the parties to work with them in reaching a settlement agreement.

Mediators are often retired judges or experienced attorneys from New Jersey or the Philadelphia-area that are well-regarded in the legal community. Mediators do not take sides but rather listen carefully to the arguments presented by both parties and, after hearing all points, attempt to assist the parties in arriving at a settlement.

The mediation process is often beneficial to Mr. Murphy’s clients because they get an opportunity, if they choose, to get involved in the process. Mr. Murphy and his clients meet with the mediator and Mr. Murphy’s clients are often given the opportunity to discuss the nursing home neglect and/or abuse they witnessed. A client’s eyewitness accounts often leave a significant impression on a mediator and, at times, can be a powerful tool to driving a favorable settlement.

Since nursing home abuse or neglect cases involve a great deal of facts and legal issues, mediations are often an all day process. If settlement negotiator Brian Murphy cannot reach an agreement by the end of the day, mediations are often scheduled for a second session. Most of Mr. Murphy’s nursing home abuse and neglect case that go to mediation are settled within one or two sessions. Should a case not settle, the parties then prepare for trial.


Free Consultation with Settlement Negotiator Brian P. Murphy

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Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Brian P. Murphy

Nursing home abuse lawyer, Brian P. Murphy has years of experience recognizing the symptoms and signs of abuse and neglect in Philadelphia and New Jersey nursing homes.

Mr. Murphy is a skilled nursing home abuse attorney who confronts the wrong-doing nursing home head on, he conducts a detailed review of all of your loved one’s medical records, examines the facilities history of nursing home abuse and neglect, deposes their staff, hires medical experts to review every aspect of the treatment, and takes full advantage of the law to make sure your loved one’s rights are protected.

Contact nursing home abuse attorney, Brian P. Murphy and let him uncover the truth that will stop the abuse and ensure the wrongdoers are held accountable.

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