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Many Nursing Home Falls Are Preventable

Most falls that happen at nursing homes are, with proper care and supervision, entirely preventable.  When a fall occurs at a Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing home it is commonly the result of nursing home neglect.  If your loved one has suffered an injury as a result of a fall at a Philadelphia / PA or NJ nursing home, contact nursing home attorney, Brian P. Murphy and he will take the time to listen to all your concerns, answer your questions, and inform you of your rights.


Nursing Home Falls Due to Neglect

Many times, falls occur at Philadelphia / Pennsylvania and New Jersey nursing homes because of inattentive care providers. Although many elderly nursing home residents are at risk of falling due to various limitations, nursing home falls do not have to occur with the frequency as often as they do in Philadelphia / Pennsylvania and New Jersey nursing homes.  When nursing home staff members take the time to conduct proper assessments of at-risk residents and put sufficient fall precautions in place, they drastically reduce the likelihood of falls occurring.


Risk Factors for Nursing Home Falls

  • Gait problems
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Muscle weakness
  • Insufficient and/or inattentive staff
  • Insufficient staff for transfers and/or assistance in and out of bed, bath or toilet
  • Environmental hazards
  • Medication changes
  • Improper or insufficient use of walking aids


Nursing Home Falls and Insufficient Staffing

In order to cut costs and boost profits many PhiladelphiaPennsylvania and New Jersey nursing homes intentionally reduce their staffing levels. This is often detrimental to the well-being of nursing home residents. Elderly residents at risk of falls need constant supervision and assistance moving about the facility. This cannot be provided when there are too few staff members in the nursing home. A thorough investigation into the fall may show that short-staffing was a contributing factor to your loved one’s fall. Nursing home attorney Brian P. Murphy has filed many nursing home neglect cases in New Jersey and Pennsylvania alleging falls due to insufficient staffing. Contact Mr. Murphy and he will conduct an investigation and determine if your loved one fell due to nursing home short-staffing.


Nursing Home Falls can Be Life Threatening

Any time a nursing home resident falls it is serious. Nursing home falls by the elderly can lead to serious and many times fatal injuries. Common injuries suffered by nursing home residents as a result of a fall include: hip, arm and leg fractures, shoulder injuries, brain bleeds, facial fractures, severe bruising, sprains and strains, and death.

Nursing home falls can cause severe pain and discomfort. They also often disable nursing home residents for months at a time. Nursing home falls often lead to functional decline, a reduction in independence, social and recreational activities, and a decline in quality of life . Subsequent to a fall, nursing home residents are often traumatized and commonly experience heightened anxiety for fear of falling again. After suffering a fall, many nursing home residents, feel depressed, helpless and socially alienated.

It is very important for Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing homes to put in place proper fall prevention protocols in order to avoid falls. If this is not done and an injury is suffered, nursing home neglect has occurred and the wrongdoing nursing home should be held accountable.


Nursing Homes Cover Up Falls

Nursing homes do not like to provide too many details about nursing home falls. Although, Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing homes are required under law to notify family members if their loved one suffers a fall, nursing homes are often very careful with the information they disclose. Many times the nursing home staff is evasive and medical records are often incomplete. Accordingly, it can be very challenging and frustrating for family members to determine exactly how the fall occurred.

The good news is that an experienced nursing home attorney, such as Brian P. Murphy, knows how to figure out what exactly happened to your loved one and, if the nursing home was negligent, hold them accountable for the injury they created.


You Need an Experienced Nursing Home Attorney

Pursuing a nursing home negligence claim a complex process.  Your attorney must be familiar with many standards and regulations specific to the nursing home industry and understand what are often complicated medical conditions. You will benefit greatly from an experienced nursing home attorney. You should contact Pennsylvania and New Jersey nursing home attorney, Brian P. Murphy. Mr. Murphy has extensive experience in filing nursing home neglect actions throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He knows how to conduct a detailed investigation into your claim to get to you the answers you deserve.
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