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Be Proactive When Choosing a Nursing Home

Making the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home can be very difficult. Determining which Philadelphia / PA or NJ nursing home is best for your loved one is also very challenging. Even before you decide if you are going to place your loved one in a nursing home, it is advisable that you begin researching long term care facilities. There are many to  choose from and some Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing homes are certainly better than others. A bit of research on your part can go along way in helping you make an informed decision.

The first place you should start is with your state’s Department of Health. In both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the Department of Health oversees the nursing home industry. The PA and NJ Departments of Health maintain a complete list of all skilled nursing facilities in their state. This is a good place to go to first see how many nursing homes are located in your vicinity. More importantly, PA and NJ Departments of Health conduct facility-wide surveys annually of each nursing home in their state. These surveys evaluate the quality of care provided at the nursing home as well as the overall condition of the facility. Both PA and NJ make their survey results available to the public.

PA and NJ Departments of Health also investigate and record every complaint of nursing home abuse or neglect that is made in their respective states. Many of the findings as well as other information  about the facility is available for your review as well. For the benefit of your loved one, you should reach out to your local bureau of the Department of Health and learn as much as you can about the facility you are considering.


Take a Tour of a Nursing Home

After you have a few facilities in mind, you will want to visit them and take a tour of the nursing home.  Contact the facility and make an appointment. Although a tour cannot tell you if your loved one will be subjected to nursing home abuse or neglect, it can give you a general idea of how well the facility is maintained. It may also give you a general sense about the quality of the care.

When taking a nursing home tour, observe the overall condition of the facility. Observe if it is in good repair and whether is clean.  While doing this, you need to look for something else too.  You need to try to determine if the facility supplies an adequate number of staff to care for their residents.  The number one reason Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing homes commit nursing home abuse and neglect is due to short-staffing of nurses and nurse aides. For various reasons, Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing home owners often cut back on their labor force. This leaves elderly nursing home residents very vulnerable to nursing home abuse and neglect.

When taking your tour, observe how many staff members you see around the facility. Are the care providers you see attentive to their residents? Do the care providers appear to enjoy their jobs? Observe the residents,  see if they look well cared for. Take the time to inquire with the facility staff and, if available, the residents about the quality of care provided at the facility. After your tour ask to speak with the facility administrator and ask him or her about nurse-to-resident ratio and turnover rates. All of this will go along way in helping decide if the nursing home is appropriate for your loved one.


Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Brian P. Murphy is an experienced and well-regarded nursing home abuse attorney who has successfully represented many elderly nursing home residents in Philadelphia / PA and NJ in nursing home abuse and neglect matters. Mr. Murphy handles cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and practices law at an established law firm in Trenton. If you are in need of legal assistance in choosing a nursing home or  have reason to believe your loved one may have been subjected to nursing home abuse or neglect, contact nursing home abuse attorney, Brian P. Murphy for a free consultation.
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