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Nursing home litigation is no ordinary personal injury case. Bringing a lawsuit against a nursing home and its corporate owners for the neglect or abuse of a resident is a very complex process. There are many facts to get straight and various areas of the law to understand in order to effectively and successfully litigate your nursing home case. This requires a long-term comprehensive commitment to the investigation of your loved one’s neglect or abuse. Nursing home abuse attorney, Brian P. Murphy understands this well. He appreciates the individualized attention nursing home cases demand.  Mr. Murphy intentionally keeps his caseload low in order to give his clients and their cases the kind of attention they deserve.


Prompt Responses

Initially and throughout the litigation process, clients often have many questions that they need answered. Since Mr. Murphy maintains a manageable caseload, he makes certain to return all phone calls promptly and answer all questions fully. If the client inquiry involves complicated legal issues, Mr. Murphy will take the time to answer the question in an easy-to-understand way. See what Mr. Murphy’s prior clients have said. Mr. Murphy’s duty is to his clients and he believes that a well-informed client is a fundamental component in successfully litigating your nursing home case.


One-on-One Preparation

There will come times during your nursing home case where you will need to be prepared fully to answer questions posed to you by the defendant’s attorney. The first will be at your deposition and, if your case is tried, the second time you testify will be when you take the stand at time of trial. Testifying at a deposition or at trial is often an unfamiliar and intimidating process for clients. Mr. Murphy is sensitive to this and he goes to great lengths to make certain his clients are comfortable and confident when they testify.

Most of Mr. Murphy’s clients have never been deposed before and, in light of this, Mr. Murphy takes the time to explain the basics of a deposition including everything from proper conduct and attire to the types of questions you will be asked and the different ways you should answer them. Once the basics are understood, Mr. Murphy will focus on the facts of your case and he will identify for you all strengths and weaknesses. This will help you answer questions effectively so as to benefit your case while also making you aware of any potential pitfalls you will need to avoid.

At time of trial, the stakes are very high. Your testimony is crucial to the case and it is vital that you testify well in front of the jury. Mr. Murphy understands this fundamental requirement and will take as much time as necessary to prepare you to testify well at trial. He understands the in order to win at trial the story of your loved one’s abuse and/or neglect at the nursing home must be heard loud and clear by the jury. Your testimony must be comprehensive, consistent and believable. Mr. Murphy has worked with many clients preparing to testify and he knows how to make them the best witnesses they can be. After working with Mr. Murphy you will be confident and comfortable taking the witness stand.


Informed Guidance

Most of Mr. Murphy’s cases settle prior to trial. Often it is through a mediation. You may not be familiar with the mediation process. At time of mediation, you may have questions or concerns. Mr. Murphy appreciates this and he takes the time to explain the entire process prior to attending a mediation.  One on one preparation is done prior to the mediation and the clients are fully informed by the time they walk into the mediation. During the mediation, discussions about the case take place and then negotiations begin. Mr. Murphy will keep you fully informed about the progress of the negotiations as well as guide you in terms of settling or rejecting offers made by your adversary.


Nursing Home Attorney Brian P. Murphy

Brian P. Murphy, Esq. is a highly experienced and well-regarded Philadelphia / Pennsylvania and New Jersey nursing home abuse attorney. He has had great success representing many neglected and abused nursing home residents in the Philadelphia / Pennsylvania and New Jersey area.  If you suspect that your loved one has suffered  nursing home abuse or neglect, take action today. Contact nursing home abuse attorney, Brian P. Murphy and learn your legal rights. Mr. Murphy offers free, one-on-one consultations.

All nursing home litigation matters are billed via a contingency fee arrangement. All Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey nursing home abuse cases are personally handled by Brian P. Murphy, Esq.

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