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Why Bedsores are a “Never Event”

“Never events” are particularly shocking medical errors that result in serious injury or death and are recognized within the medical community as occurrences that should not happen at healthcare facilities. There are 28 “never events”recognized within the medical community. The development of Stage III and Stage IV bedsores are a never event.


Bedsores Are Almost Entirely Avoidable

Stage III and IV bed sores were determined to be avoidable conditions that should not happen at Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing homes and other care facilities. Despite being almost entirely avoidable the prevalence of stage III and IV bed sores has not been properly addressed by many Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing homes. Unfortunately, bed sores are common in many PA and NJ nursing homes.

In 2007, Medicare, the chief governmental entity responsible for funding many nursing homes and care facilities, in an effort to reduce the volume of bed sores occurring at nursing homes, took the extraordinary step of refusing to reimburse health care facilities for treatment related to stage III and stage IV bed sores that developed at their facilities.  Despite Medicare’s best efforts to reduce the incidents of bed sores, bed sores continue to occur with far too much frequency at Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing homes.


Protecting Your Rights When Bed Sores Occur 

If your loved one has developed a stage III or IV bed sore in a Philadelphia / Pennsylvania or New Jersey nursing home you should not hesitate to contact bed sore attorney, Brian Murphy. You need to understand your rights straight away. You likely  have a legal cause of action against the neglectful nursing home for the development of the bed sore.

It is important that you act quickly. Immediate action may be necessary to preserve your loved one’s medical records and other vital evidence in your case. You need the advice of an experienced PA or NJ nursing home abuse / bed sore attorney.


An Experienced Nursing Home Bedsore Attorney

Brian P. Murphy has been litigating nursing home bed sore cases as well as other types of nursing home abuse and neglect for years. He is fully familiar with the kind of nursing home neglect that leads to development and deterioration of bed sores. Mr. Murphy understands the legal duties and obligations of Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing homes have to ensure that their residents rights are respected. Listed below are some examples of responsibilities Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing homes have.

        • Nursing home care providers have the responsibility to assess residents if they risk developing bed sores. If they do not and a bed sore develops, the nursing home is responsible for the development of the bed sore.
        • Should a person be at risk of developing a bed sore, the nursing home has the responsibility to create a care plan with interventions meant to prevent the development of bed sores. Interventions include,among other things, turning and repositioning the resident at least every 2 hours to ensure that all parts of the body at risk of bed sores are receiving proper pressure relief. If this does not happen the facility can be held liable.
        • Interventions that are placed in a care plan must be implemented continuous and consistently by the nursing staff. If this is not done the facility can be held liable.
        • Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing homes are required to inform family members immediately upon the development of a bed sore. Should this not happen the facility can be held responsible.

Contact Nursing Home Attorney Brian P. Murphy

Learn your legal rights today by contacting bed sore attorney Brian P. Murphy. Mr. Murphy practices nursing home abuse and neglect cases in Philadelphia, throughout Pennsylvania and all parts of New Jersey. Mr. Murphy offers free consultations and works on a contingency fee basis.

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