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Nursing Home Abuse & Protecting Your Loved One

In and around the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area, the types of abuse in nursing homes often include: physical abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse/theft, and sexual abuse. Each type of nursing home abuse is different and each has its own signs and symptoms.


Physical Abuse

Physical abuse arises when a nursing home staff member or another nursing home resident intentionally uses physical force against a nursing home resident. Some common examples include: slapping, scratching, pushing, punching, kicking, choking, and hair pulling.

Improper use of resident restraints such as wheelchair seat belts, bed rails, or drugs may also be a form of physical abuse. Symptoms of physical abuse of a nursing home resident include:
unexplained bruises
scratches or skin burns
unexplained bone fractures
uncharacteristic behavior such as distress, depression, anger, and violence


Psychological Abuse

Psychological abuse occurs when a nursing home staff member or another nursing home resident says or does something through verbal or nonverbal acts that inflicts anguish, fear, humiliation or distress on a nursing home resident.

Psychological abuse of nursing home residents can take many forms, including:

Signs of psychological abuse include:
and uncharacteristic violence


Financial Abuse / Theft

Financial abuse/theft occurs when a nursing home staff member or another nursing home resident illegally or improperly acquires a nursing home resident’s money, property, and/or possessions for his or her own personal gain.
Signs of financial abuse/theft include:
depleted bank accounts
missing money
missing shoes and clothing
missing personal items such as:
cell phones
picture frames
and other personal possessions


Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse occurs whenever there is any type of nonconsensual sexual contact between a nursing home resident and the nursing home staff or another nursing home resident. Examples of sexual abuse include unwanted or inappropriate touching, rape, sodomy, sexually explicit photography, and sexual harassment.

Symptoms of sexual abuse include:
bruises or scratches in a resident’s genital area;
bruises, scratches on a female resident’s breasts;
significant, unexplained fear or anxiety;
unexplained bleeding;
uncharacteristic behavioral changes;
or severe depression.


Staff-on-Resident Abuse

Nursing home abuse can take the form of staff-on-resident abuse. It often arises because residents are left in the care of individuals who are often overworked, underpaid, and ill-equipped to care for the needs of the residents. Inevitably staff frustrations arise and at times these frustrations result in the abuse of nursing home residents. Any abusive behavior by a staff member is inexcusable and intolerable. It is also in violation of federal and state laws including those in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.


Resident-on-Resident Abuse

Nursing home abuse can also take the form of resident-on-resident abuse. It often results from the staff’s failure to separate and keep safe nursing home residents from other residents with known proclivities for violence. This failure to keep known violent residents away from the other residents may be a failure by the nursing home to properly assess and/or supervise residents. Such failures may amount to nursing home neglect. Federal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey laws and regulations require all residents be properly assessed and supervised to ensure not only their own safety but also the safety of others around them.


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