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If your loved one has developed a bed sore, you want to know how it happened. However, it is rare for a nursing home to be forthcoming with such information because most bed sores are the result of nursing home neglect.

Bed sores are caused first and foremost by unrelieved pressure on the body. That is why they are also commonly called pressure sores.  However, other factors including malnutrition can also play a part in bed sore development and deterioration. If a resident is not properly nourished, the chances of him or her developing a bed sore is significantly increased.


A Nursing Home’s Failure to Keep Their Residents Nourished

Philadelphia / PA or NJ nursing home residents depend upon staff members to provide them adequate amounts of food to meet their nutritional needs. Many times residents cannot feed themselves and rely on staff members to take the time to feed them.  It is the responsibility of the nursing home to determine which residents need assistance with eating and to ensure all residents nutritional needs are being met. This is particularly important for those residents at risk or those who have already developed a bed sore. Poor nutritional intake can make the skin more vulnerable to wounds and can make the healing process much more difficult.


Malnutrition, Bed sores and Short-Staffed Nursing Homes

Many Philadelphia / Pennsylvania and New Jersey nursing homes are owned by large corporations. The nursing home’s corporate owners are focused on the profitability of the facility. With this in mind, corporate owners often cut their nursing home staffing to low levels in order to keep costs down and business profits up. This directly impacts the quality of care residents receive and place nursing home residents at a far greater risk of nursing home abuse and neglect. 

When a Philadelphia / PA or NJ nursing home is short-staffed, elderly nursing home residents are neglected. It takes time to feed residents who cannot care for themselves. If a nursing home is short-staffed, proper nutritional needs are not provided and vulnerable nursing home residents become malnourished. As a result of this nursing home neglect, bed sores often develop and deteriorate to severe wounds rapidly. Bedsore development of malnourished residents is one of the most common signs of neglect found in Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing home facilities.

You should know that the nearly all bed sores that develop at Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing homes are avoidable if proper pressure relief and nourishment is provided.


Nursing Homes Provide No Good Excuses

Nursing homes never want to take responsibility for the development and/or deterioration of a bed sore. A nursing home will make every effort to convince family members that the bed sore was the result of factors out of the control of the nursing home staff. Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing home care providers typically point to the resident’s age and/or  medical conditions as the reason for the bed sore. Do not be so quick to believe this. Most bed sores are entirely avoidable when proper care is provided.


Bed sores and Malnutrition are Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

The vast majority of bed sores suffered by residents in Philadelphia / Pennsylvania and New Jersey nursing homes are avoidable. Do not permit nursing homes to make excuses. Bed sores are far less likely to develop or deteriorate if a residents is provide pressure relief and a sufficient amount of food to meet their nutritional needs.  Only in very limited circumstances will a bed sore be considered medically unavoidable.


You Need an Experienced Nursing Home / Bedsore Attorney

Philadelphia / New Jersey nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer, Brian P. Murphy, is highly experienced in nursing home neglect cases involving malnutrition and bed sore development. He is well-versed in the issues that arise in bed sore / malnutrition cases including the defenses nursing homes try to make.  Mr. Murphy has had great success litigating bed sore-related cases.  Call Mr. Murphy today for a free consultation.

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