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The following testimonials are from  former clients of Brian P. Murphy, Esq.  

I just want to take this opportunity to let you know how much I
appreciate all you have done to make the settlement process so easy. I
couldn’t have made a better choice in finding an Attorney to represent
me in this case. You were always there when I had a question or needed
guidance and you never made me feel as though my inquiries were

You were well informed on the law, you never hesitated to
update me on the progress of the case and you made me feel comfortable
in a situation that could have been very stressful. You were thorough
in investigating all aspects of the case and I was pleased with the
settlement that was reached. You went over and above in what you had to
do and I can’t find the words to show my gratitude to you.



Good Morning Brian,

Here is my testimonial for your superb attorney representation. A million thanks!

When you lose a love one to nursing home neglect, you begin to second guess on whether you acted in their best interest. I feel grateful that I found Mr. Brian Murphy to represent my Mother’s case. He not only handled my case successfully, but listened with compassion to my concerns and reassured me that my Mother’s case had merit.

Brian’s professionalism and caring demeanor surpassed my expectations. He went above and beyond to make sure that I felt confident during the entire legal process. He visited my home for our first meeting; was extremely responsive to my phone calls and emails, and always made himself available to answer questions.

Brian is an extremely knowledgeable and effective lawyer! I highly recommend him for his devotion to bring justice to nursing home negligence, his expertise in this arena, and great interpersonal skills.

Thank you Brian for outstanding results!


While residing in a nursing home facility, my Brother passed away due to “Wrongful Death”.  I contacted Brian P. Murphy, Esq.  From our first conversation, I knew I made the right decision choosing Brian Murphy!

Brian Murphy listened to the details of my Brother’s life and death.  He answered all of my questions and concerns, then agreed to litigate this difficult and time consuming case.   Brian was extremely professional, respectful; at the same time, very caring.

Since I live out of State, Brian went above and beyond to make this entire process as easy as possible for me.  Each time we communicated, he would tell me: “If you have any other questions or concerns—feel free to contact me”.  He would always get back to me in a timely manner with an answer.  During the entire process, Brian would also contact me with any new updates, while taking the time to explain everything.

Brian became the “voice” for my deceased Brother, who was no longer able to speak for himself.  I would highly recommend Brian Murphy to anyone in need of legal services, in order to obtain some justice for their loved one.

Thank you, Brian, for bringing some closure concerning the loss of my Brother!  You were a true advocate for both my Brother and me.


New York

“I was not involved in the initial process of choosing Mr. Brian Murphy to represent my family, however, I have been very happy with choice and the outcomes. Since the inception of our case, Mr. Murphy kept us very informed. Mr. Murphy aways [sic] left the decisions to our family while giving us the legal ramifications of our choices. I was most impressed [sic] how he prepared us to be deposed with the opposing attorney. His experience far exceeded the opposition and it was evident in every court hearing that was held. Mr. Murphy is knowledgeable, experienced and exudes confidence at all times. Thank you for giving us resolution to our father’s death.

Terri J.


Hi Brian,

This note is to thank you very much for handling the case regarding my father’s stay at the assisted living facility.

My family and I truly appreciate the kindness and compassion shown to us by you throughout this difficult time. We could not have asked for better representation and we were very satisfied with the outcome.

The most important aspect for me especially was your ability to stay professional yet very understanding and empathetic throughout. I personally thank you for always being available and sending updates regarding the progress of the case. I knew you were always readily available at the other end of the telephone line if we needed anything.

Again, thank you for being so incredible to work with.

Very sincerely,

Ellen G.

Lehigh County, PA

“Brian Murphy is very experience and knowledgeable in the nursing home injury field. He was very genuine and professional and put us at ease from the very beginning, and it was easy to put our complete trust in him.

Compassionate, Diligent, Detail oriented, and always accessible are just some of the words I would describe working with Brian Murphy. Brian was always well prepared, anytime having to deal with our case. Brian researched and knew our case inside and out.

We always felt that our interests were being protected and he was able to help give us closure during a very difficult and sensitive ordeal

Greg and Gerri

Camden County, NJ

“Brian Murphy was invaluable in helping me through a very difficult time.  Hiring him on behalf of my mom was the best thing I ever did.  He walked me through every step of the process and made it easy for me to understand.  He answered all of my questions and concerns no matter how trivial, and even took the time to come to my home rather than expecting me to come to him.  He truly cared about what had happened to my mom and worked very hard to negotiate a fair settlement.  I would highly recommend him to all of my friends and family.  The work he does defending the sick and elderly definitely made a difference in my life and obtained justice for my mom.  She would have been very proud of his hard work and dedication and so am I.

Thank you, Brian.”

After Mr. Murphy expressed his gratitude for her kind words, Deborah M. added the following:

“I meant every word, Brian.  With every case you win, I believe you are helping the world be a better place and sending a message to the facilities “caring” for our loved ones.  Although I do not know your work load, you definitely made me feel that quality was much more important to you than quantity.”

Deborah M.

Camden County

“On behalf of my sister and myself, thank you for all you and your staff have done in our mother’s honor. The dedication and level of professionalism exhibited by you and your team in a word is…. unmatched.

Darryl W.

Philadelphia, PA

“I met Brian Murphy several years ago when he came to my home to meet with me and my family to hear concerns we had with the treatment our mother had received at a local nursing home. Mr. Murphy was a pleasant man, seemed trustworthy and clearly had a command of the law as it related to neglect in nursing home. My sister and I were impressed with him and decided to hire him as our attorney to fight for our mother’s rights.

Lawsuits are not something my sister and I engage in every day and, as you might expect, a lawsuit involving my deceased mother was particularly personal and emotional. My sister and I were not looking forward to the process but we felt it was something that had to be done. From the beginning, Brian was sensitive to the fact that this case was personal to us. He was very respectful of the emotional impact the case had on our family. He was also always attentive to our questions and concerns. Whenever I called Brian with a question, he would pick up the phone or get right back to me. I never had to chase him down and when we spoke, he never rushed me off the phone. To the contrary, he would take the time to answer all my questions and make sure I had a clear understanding of the process.

My sister and I and others in our family had to have our depositions taken. That can be an intimidating experience. Brian took the time to fully prepare each of us for our depositions which I think helped settle our case case and also made the experience less stressful.

Ultimately, our case went to mediation. Brian is a tough negotiator. The nursing home was not offering what he believed to be a fair amount for the case. The mediation was cancelled. Brian engaged the nursing home in further negotiations and their offer increased considerably. We attended a second mediation and settled the case.

I would highly recommend Brian Murphy as an attorney in general but particularly for cases involving nursing home neglect. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you!”

Ira S.

Staten Island, NY

Dear Brian,
I wanted to thank you for all your help and expertise in
handling the wrongful death/survival action of my sister at the
nursing home. Although I don’t believe anyone can put a
value on the life of a loved one, I am satisfied you have obtained a
very fair settlement with this nursing home. Your prompt return of phone
calls and willingness to come out to my home for every meeting and every
need [sic] signature was really appreciated. I hope to never need your
services again but would certainly recommend you to anyone in need of assistance
in dealing with a nursing home’s neglect, abuse, accidentally [sic] injury, or
death of a resident. Thanks again.

Bob B.

Bucks County, PA

“Here is a testimonial of how much you helped my twin sister and our family with regard to her receiving a stage four bed wound at a nursing home facility that required her to be on a wound vac for months and made us realize how fortunate we are to have her not only living with us now, but to have had you as our attorney.

You met with us at our home and provided us with a road map of what this case would be like considering we had never experienced something like this before. My twin sister was in a nursing home and had incurred a bed wound that escalated into a stage four wound where the wound doctor explained that her bone was exposed at that stage of the wound.  We were very discouraged considering the attorney prior to our meeting you had signed off on the case telling us that my twin was non compliant according to the medical records, and that he could not represent a client that did not obey the nursing authorities at the facility. We knew better, and continued our search and were fortunate enough to find you. You kept us fully informed and abreast of the legalities involved through each step. You also had thoroughly read the same medical records as the prior attorney and did not back down. You came up with a strategy that worked and an angle to that was effective in defending my poor twin sister through her intense suffering and pain due to this stage four wound. Although the medical records repeatedly stated that she was a “non-compliant” patient, therefore, “creating her own bed wound,” you defended her by stating that she was indeed compliant before the bed wound and the records reflected this.  The non compliant story was repeatedly used after the bed wound was at a stage four. Your tenacity and steadfastness with the difficult and non compliant defendants was to be noted, and because of those admirable traits and your professionalism, we were able to win the case. Because you continued to move forward believing in my sister’s innocence in this ugly situation, she now will have a trust fund to offer her quality of life here at home with us. The money will be available for her to have a mobility van, a laptop computer as her mind is still there, and going out with the family to the movies, concerts, and family gatherings to enjoy her life with us, instead of suffering as she did at that facility.

We cannot thank you enough for your help and professional guidance, and would recommend that you represent anyone who finds themselves in a dire situation as we were in. Many people know nothing of what goes on in nursing homes, but now we do, and that is why we have her home with us, without a bed wound in the two years she’s been out of that facility.

I would like to add and addendum to this testimonial that you also were able to reduce the lien on Lizzie’s settlement at a future dates as it is still in dispute.”

Lara D.

Monmouth County, NJ

“Brian Murphy represented my mother for injuries she suffered at a local nursing home. It was a very upsetting situation for me and my mother and I had a lot of questions. Mr. Murphy always made himself available to answer my questions. Whenever I called and left him a message, he would get right back to me. I never had to track him down.

Mr. Murphy was very knowledgeable about lawsuits against nursing homes. He told me that the nursing home’s negligence caused my mom’s injury and that he was going to do what he could to hold the nursing home responsible.

A lawsuit was filed and at one point, the nursing home wanted to try to settle the case. Mr. Murphy advised me that we should attend a mediation. We went to the mediation and after a long day of negotiations,  Mr. Murphy did not believe that the nursing home was offering enough money. He cancelled the mediation and continued to proceed with our case. Sometime later, the nursing home again wanted to try to settle the case and a second mediation took place. Again, Mr. Murphy was dissatisfied with the nursing home’s offer to settle the case. He again cancelled the mediation. Mr. Murphy continued to negotiate with the nursing home and eventually our case settled for more than double what the nursing home first offered.

I was very pleased with Mr. Murphy. I thought he was a pleasant, honest, hard-working and, most importantly, he stuck by us until he got the nursing home to pay what he thought the case was worth. I would highly recommend him as an attorney.”

Bryan K.

Essex County, NJ

“Dear Brian,

I would like first to “Thank you” Brian for representing me on behalf of my husband, Brooke. From our first meeting, I knew you would do a good job for me. You were kind and told me everything that would happen as the case moved forward.

I know my case was small but, it was my case and regardless of that you did a fine job. At times you were more a friend then a lawyer and I thank you for that.

Once again thank you so much.”

Joan H.

Montgomery County, PA

“I met attorney Brian Murphy when he came to my home to hear concerns my mom and I had with the treatment my elderly uncle was receiving at a local nursing home.

My elderly uncle became medically afflicted to the point he needed medical care 24/7. The hospital sent him to a local nursing home. While at that nursing home my elderly uncle received neglectful and unprofessional treatment that resulted in him being severely injured and being in unimaginable pain. I was the first to talk to the nursing staff after the event and I asked as many relevant questions about what had happened as I could knowing they did not want to divulge to much information. What I learned caused me very deep concern. As a result of this catastrophic event my elderly uncle required life-threatening surgery. This surgery was very painful to him and as a result he was unable to walk. As you can imagine this was a very bad situation and our family could not get any information from the nursing about what happened or any details at all. That was not the end of it.

Two weeks after his major surgery he was again injured as a result of neglectful and unprofessional treatment. This time they wanted to operate again. Our family did not think this was a good idea. We asked my elderly uncle if he wanted another surgery and he said he did not. These nursing home people wrapped him up, bandaged him, unprofessionally and allowed his injury to heal until it became a severe deformity. This was the last straw and we sought legal assistance because the nursing home needed to corrected in their unprofessional behavior and I did not want my elderly uncle hurt anymore. This is when I contact Brian Murphy.

Brian Murphy came to our home and sat down with us at the dining room table. We talked about nursing home abuses and what could be done about them and he seemed to think we had a good cause of nursing home neglect and abuse that was actionable in a court of law.

Brian Murphy was firm, serious and able to communicate on a level that you could understand the law part of the issue and that went a long way to our choosing him to represent our elderly uncle in a case against the people who had injured him so badly.

A civil suit was filed on behalf of my elderly uncle based on the severe injuries he received at the nursing home. Brian Murphy, a the attorney for the plaintiff, my elderly uncle, always called when it was necessary to find out some information, let us know about some court date or appointment or if the nursing home had reported something that was relevant for the family to know. We could always rely on Brian Murphy to help us understand the proceeding as the winded it’s way along the judicial pathway.

As the case developed and it became time for depositions, Brian Murphy made sure that we had the information we needed to understand what was going to happen and what was going to be asked. Brian wanted to be sure that all the answers given were truthful and factual as it related to my elderly uncle’s injuries and the actions that were known to have been taken afterwards.

This would prove to be the right way to go because, soon afterwards the defendant nursing home began to initiate settlement negotiations. The family upon the advice of Brian Murphy refused settlements that he felt did not measure up to the injuries my elderly uncle received. Brian Murphy then brought to us a 6 figure settlement that he felt was fair and equitable and as he was our attorney we agreed with him and the case was settled for that amount. I personally have been monitoring my uncle’s treatment since the suit and there have been zero incidences and it appears he is receiving good treatment now, but I am remaining vigilant on his behalf.

Brian Murphy did a very good job for my severely injured elderly uncle and I think the nursing home probably would not want to have any more lawsuits from him because he does not play games and will pursue them aggressively under the law to the receive the maximum compensation  for any neglectful, unprofessional, nursing home abuse.

My recommendation is to sit down with Brian Murphy and see if he is the lawyer for you, because there is no doubt he can win the case.”

Christian B.

Essex County, NJ

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