Battering a Resident with Dementia Charged to Virginia Nursing Home Employee

Camera footage reveals a nursing home worker grabbing an elderly resident’s wrists, engaging in verbal abuse, and otherwise committing nursing home malpractice at Brickyard Healthcare in Richmond, Virginia.

A now-former employee at a Virginia nursing home has been charged with battering a resident following multiple incidents of nursing home malpractice captured on video, says an article on Pal Item. Cody A. Madden, 33, since fired from his position as a certified nurse’s aide at Brickyard Healthcare in Richmond, faces felony charges of battery against an endangered adult after allegedly having “verbally accosted and possibly physically battered” a male resident.

According to the article, the camera that recorded footage of a staff member identified to be Madden was installed by the alleged victim’s daughter, who had suspected nursing home malpractice was taking place against her father. The captured video shows the alleged victim, who reportedly suffers from dementia, enduring various episodes of verbal abuse and having his wrists seized by Madden. According to the daughter, the act left bruises on her father’s wrists.

Among the verbal abuse equaling nursing home malpractice reportedly captured on the video is Madden calling the elderly man a “punk” and telling him he had come to his room “to set you straight” and threatening to shove his foot inside the man “so high that I’ll be wearing you as a slipper, man.”

Verbal and physical nursing home abuse are common types of nursing home malpractice that unfortunately occur all too frequently against the vulnerable elderly in nursing home facilities. Verbal abuse—such as yelling at, threatening, or belittling nursing home residents—is a type of psychological abuse of that causes fear, distress, or humiliation in residents. If you notice a sudden uncharacteristic change in your loved one—such as agitation, worry, or depression—it is possible this type of nursing home malpractice has occurred. Similarly, there are signs to look out for that your loved one is being physically abused in his or her nursing home, such as the following:

  • unexplained bruises, wounds, or burns
  • unexplained bone breaks or other injuries
  • a sudden change in behavior, like agitation, depression, or violence

Such injurious nursing home malpractice can be extremely dangerous to vulnerable residents, leading to hospitalizations or even death, requiring the involvement of a wrongful death attorney.  If you suspect these or any types of nursing home malpractice are occurring, don’t wait to contact a nursing home malpractice or wrongful death attorney.

Holding Homes Responsible for Nursing Home Malpractice and Wrongful Death

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