Two Florida Nursing Home Workers Arrested for Beating Elderly Resident: 

The employees claimed resident-on-resident abuse had occurred, but when the facility’s executive director caught their actions on surveillance video, it was clear an incident of elder abuse and nursing home malpractice involving the two workers had taken place.

Two employees of a Florida nursing home were arrested last month following an alleged incident in which they whipped a male resident with a lanyard and then tackled him to the ground, taking another resident in a wheelchair with him, a Fox News article has reported. According to the article, Rosa Edwards, 23, and Aneisha Xitavia Hall, 19, both workers for the Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge Assisted Living Facility in St. Petersburg, have been charged with two counts of battery on a person older than 65.

The incident of alleged nursing home malpractice, which occurred on March 12, was reported to the police by the executive director of the home. This director had originally been told that the event, which had landed an elderly man and a woman in a wheelchair on the floor of a hallway in the facility, had been a matter of resident-on-resident abuse into which the workers had needed to intervene. Skeptical of this claim, the director viewed the incident on the facility surveillance video, which told a different story.

Deputies alerted by the director opened an investigation into the alleged incident of nursing home malpractice. This investigation revealed the clash was instigated not by a resident-on-resident attack, but by Edwards and Hall, who initiated a squabble with an elderly male resident who was pushing another resident down the hallway in her wheelchair. Tauntingly laughing, Edwards began whipping the man with her lanyard. This incident of elder abuse intensified when a physical altercation ensued: both Edwards and Hall seized the man and tackled him to the floor, also toppling the wheelchair and taking the elderly woman to the ground. Instead of helping the residents, the two workers reportedly left them on the floor and fled.

Neither of the residents were physically harmed. Both employees have been suspended by the home.

Elder abuse is a type of nursing home malpractice that is sadly prevalent in today’s nursing homes. The above incident is indicative of two common types of nursing home abuse: physical and psychological abuse. While the whipping of the elderly resident with the lanyard and the tackling of both residents clearly equals physical abuse, the laughter is indicative of psychological abuse, which happens when a nursing home employee speaks or behaves in such a way that produces fear, humiliation, or distress in an elderly resident.

It is important to be able to recognize signs of nursing home malpractice. The following are symptoms of both physical and psychological nursing home abuse:

  • Physical Elder Abuse:
    • Unexplained skin injuries, such as bruises, scratches, or burns
    • Unexplained bone injuries, such as fractures or breaks
    • Unusual behavior in your loved one, such as anxiety, anger, depression, or violence
  • Psychological Elder Abuse:
    • Uncharacteristic behavior in your loved one, including agitation, anxiety, lethargy, depression, or violence

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