The Worst Nursing Homes in New Jersey Are Not Improving: Many of the New Jersey nursing homes ranked as the worst in the state have failed to improve their quality of care more than half a year since being told they need to improve or shut down, according to an article on

A recently released report by Acting State Comptroller Kevin Walsh says that nine of the 15 nursing homes identified in February as being repeatedly cited for serious health and safety issues associated with nursing home malpractice have shown no improvement. Although six homes did move off the list of worst homes, three others were recently added. The current 12 “worst homes,” operated by for-profit companies which “failed to improve conditions on a sustained basis for years,” currently receive $107 million per year in Medicaid funding.

According to the article, the 15 homes originally identified by the comptroller had yet to face consequences for nursing home malpractice that had been going on for years. As a result of February’s report, “quality incentive payments” to the homes were withdrawn by the New Jersey Department of Human Services; however, Medicaid reimbursements, which do not depend on quality of care, continue. This, said Walsh, makes providing poor care more profitable for nursing home operators.

All New Jersey nursing homes that received a one-star rating by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) between October 2020 and July 2022 were named in the report. The CMS star rating system awards five stars for the best performing nursing homes, and one star for much below average homes. Certain of the homes on the list had been receiving very low ratings for years. Several of them had Special Focus Facility (SFF) designations, indicating ongoing grave health and safety violations amounting to nursing home malpractice.

One of the facilities listed in the comptroller’s report was Woodland Behavioral and Nursing Center. The beleaguered nursing home, originally making headlines in April of 2020 following the discovery of a makeshift morgue containing 17 bodies, was shut down in August last month following several allegations of nursing home malpractice. Unfortunately, this report reinstates that the worst nursing homes in New Jersey are not improving.

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