The Sad Reality: Retribution from Nursing Homes

When your loved one is in a nursing home or assisted living facility, they are at the hands of the caretakers on duty. If the caretakers are understaffed, stressed, or having a bad day, your loved one might observe or suffer from a different type of care: negligence, abuse, or just plain oversight.

Retribution from nursing homes can occur when caretakers or those in charge demonstrate their dissatisfaction that you reported them, questioned unacceptable care, or took other measures to retaliate against your loved one as a result of you standing up for your rights and those of the person under their care.

Whistleblowers have been fired for reporting nursing home retribution. Older people are fearful of retribution when reporting sub-par conditions and making complaints. Dare the nurses speak out or fear they will lose their jobs. Families fear that their loved one will suffer victimization. Many people who do lodge complaints assert that nothing ever changes. They make all kinds of promises, but the problems continue, unchanged.

When residents speak out themselves, they are accused of having dementia and their complaints are minimized. Adding cameras to nursing homes can help in creating solid evidence of the abuse that exists and the sub-par conditions.

According to Aged Care, there are numerous cases where family members will take this on themselves, start an online petition, and bring their concerns to management. It was only after they installed video surveillance in their loved one’s private room that the hard evidence of their father being abused was captured. “Fear of victimization has been a recurring theme, and it has never been addressed.”

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