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Bed sores Nursing home abuse attorney Philadelphia Pennsylvania New Jersey

Bed Sores

Most bed sores are entirely avoidable. If a bed sore develops, it is likely due to neglectful nursing care and you have rights under the law. Philadelphia nursing home abuse attorney Brian P. Murphy has been litigating bed sore cases for years. He can inform you of your rights and help you hold the wrongdoing nursing home accountable for your loved one’s unnecessary pain and suffering.

What Are Bed Sores?

Nursing home falls abuse attorney Philadelphia Pennsylvania New Jersey


Many nursing home falls, fractures, and other serious injuries do not have to happen. With proper care and supervision falls are usually preventable. Falls are often an indication of nursing home neglect. Philadelphia nursing home abuse attorney Brian P. Murphy has handled many nursing home fall cases. He can quickly determine the cause of the fall, including possible negligence.

Nursing Home Falls

Wrongful death Nursing home abuse attorney Philadelphia Pennsylvania New Jersey

Wrongful Death

When nursing home abuse or neglect leads to death, you have a right to bring a legal action. Nursing home abuse attorney Brian P. Murphy has litigated many wrongful death cases in Philadelphia, PA, and NJ.  Mr. Murphy fully investigates each claim and provides all the necessary legal guidance while always being sensitive to the losses suffered.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Philadelphia Medication Errors Attorney

Medication Errors

Medication errors frequently occur at nursing homes and are particularly concerning because elderly residents are far more vulnerable to complications than the general population. Negligently providing an elderly nursing home resident too much or the wrong medication can lead to life-threatening conditions.  Contact Philadelphia nursing home abuse attorney Brian P. Murphy.

Medication Errors

Suspecting Nursing Home Abuse

It’s unthinkable. Nursing home abuse and neglect is prevalent in more than 30% of care centers nationwide. As a result, that’s almost one-third of all nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Let’s face it—trusting your elderly loved one’s care to complete strangers can be quite unsettling, which, consequently, is why you need a credentialed nursing home abuse attorney, such as Brian P. Murphy, on your side.

The Truth About Bedsores

While many nursing homes, hospitals, and care facilities might want you to believe otherwise, bed sores (aka pressure sores or decubitus ulcers) are almost always preventable. They are not a result of old age but most often caused by a failure to properly attend to a person’s needs. Individuals at risk of developing bedsores need to be turned and repositioned on a timely basis in order to off load pressure on certain body points. These areas include but are not limited to the sacrum, back, buttocks, heels, shoulder blades, elbows, and toes. Learn about the essential care needed for a person at risk of developing bed sores and how bed sore development can be a result of neglect. Read more about bedsores and pressure ulcers.

Statistics Don’t Lie

Elder abuse is more common than you think. Whether it’s abuse, neglect, or exploitation, out of the approximately 3.5 million Americans who reside in nursing homes, one study showed that almost 45% reported being abused and 95% reported experiencing or witnessing neglect.

It has been shown that elder abuse leads to a 300% higher risk of death, higher levels of distress, additional health care problems, and depression.

The financial impact of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation is staggering. Medical costs are estimated to add over five billion dollars to the nation’s annual health expenses. Financial losses from elder exploitation were estimated to be almost three billion dollars.

The Silent Killer

Dehydration has long been referred to as the silent killer of nursing home residents. When the body loses more water than it takes in, kidney failure, coma, and often death can occur. Inadequate staffing and poor supervision have been blamed for nursing home dehydration. Medical studies reveal that nurse’s aides intentionally limit the amount of liquid intake to keep urinary output levels at bay.

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Sudden, Unexpected Health Decline

The elderly might be fragile but many are in stable condition prior to entering a nursing home or assisted living facility; most only require custodial care. A family never expects to discover that an elderly loved one is the subject of nursing home abuse and neglect. This ill treatment quickly degrades the elder’s health and results in unacceptable conditions.

It’s not always immediately obvious if your loved one is suffering from this type of ill treatment. For example, you may hear that bed sores are part of the aging process and that falls are unavoidable; however, these are often just excuses for lack of attentive care and proper supervision.

Malnutrition in the Elderly

Malnutrition is a dangerous and potentially life-threatening condition. When lacking proper nutrition, it is difficult for the elderly to ward off infections, which can ultimately lead to death. Most noteworthy, nursing homes and assisted living facilities make matters worse by serving meals that are unappetizing, cold, bland, or not suitable to the residents. Furthermore, residents need proper nutrition to take with many of their prescription medications. The importance of recognizing and preventing malnutrition cannot be overestimated. Contact nursing home abuse Brian Murphy immediately to learn more about malnutrition and nursing homes.

Addressing Rampant Neglect in Long-Term Care Facilities

In 1987, Congress passed OBRA (the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act). This legislation was designed to “address divergent standards existing in nursing home care,” i.e., to improve the quality of care at nursing homes and other extended care facilities. The reason for this legislation is to combat the ongoing issues often found at these homes, such as:

  • Understaffing (aka, insufficient staffing)
  • Poorly trained and/or overworked staff
  • False charting
  • And more

The key behind this legislation is that there is “rampant neglect in long-term care facilities” and that a “resident’s condition should not worsen as a result of being placed in the nursing home.”

Nursing home malpractice attorney, Brian Murphy, devotes 100% of his legal practice to addressing the abuse and neglect often found at these facilities. If you suspect nursing home malpractice has occurred or is taking place, please don’t wait any longer. Contact a qualified nursing home malpractice attorney, such as Brian P. Murphy, Esquire, for a free consultation.

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