U.S. Count Misses Covid Nursing Home Deaths

Recent research indicates that the initial government counts of COVID-19 deaths in United States nursing homes may have missed more than 16,0000 deaths, according to The Journal News. The article states that the missing deaths—14 percent of the true death toll—stem from a miscount from nursing homes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York that took place prior to the implementation of federal COVID reporting requirements. According to an analysis conducted by by the Journal of the American Medical Association, the latest count is 118,335 deaths.

In a related article The Journal News reported that a number of state and federal investigations related to coronavirus outbreaks in nursing homes are continuing in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, in which prosecutors will look into operational and governmental misconduct as well as Medicaid fraud.

Richard Mollot, executive director of the Long Term Care Community Coalition, a patient advocacy group, applauded the investigations. “I think that ongoing, meaningful investigations into deaths, as well as dangerous and degrading conditions, in nursing homes is absolutely essential,” he said.

While the Department of Justice decided against investigating Pennsylvania for its order that state-run nursing homes accept COVID patients during the pandemic peak, the DOJ is still actively investigating two state-run New Jersey Nursing homes—Menlo Park and Paramus veterans homes— ravaged by 192 resident deaths from the coronavirus in 2020. According to The Journal News, interviews of family members has begun.

Criminal investigations initiated in May 2020 by PA state Attorney General Josh Shapiro of several nursing homes, including that Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center in Beaver County, is ongoing. Brighton suffered 83 deaths of residents from COVID.

Protecting Your Loved Ones in Critical Times: U.S. Count Misses Covid Nursing Home Deaths

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