A Michigan certified nursing assistant allegedly engaged in false charting, a common type of nursing home malpractice, after her alleged negligence contributed to the choking death of a resident in her care.

A staff member at a Michigan nursing home has been charged with elder abuse and falsifying medical records in the wake of the choking death of a 58-year-old resident, says a Detroit News article.

According to the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, a certified nursing assistant at MediLodge of Richmond allegedly neglected to follow explicit mealtime directions, leading a male resident to choke and ultimately to die. Beyond this instance of nursing home malpractice that begs the involvement of a wrongful death attorney, the CNA furthermore allegedly made numerous false entries in the man’s medical records during the time that emergency medical services and hospital staff were administering life-saving treatment to the man.

Intentional forging of medical records is known as false charting. While less commonly known, false charting is a common example of nursing home malpractice that can cause great harm. Examples of false charting can range from exaggerated documentation of care to falsified information intended to hide workers’ mistakes, to downplaying serious medical conditions and their need for attention by staff. Regardless of the aims of false charting, the fraudulence shown, and the neglect caused by falsifying medical records, is clearly demonstrative of nursing home malpractice. It amounts to poor nursing home care that can lead to the worsening of illnesses, the sustaining of injuries, and even, in extreme cases such as at MediLodge of Richmond, to residents’ death, necessitating the notification of a wrongful death attorney.

The former MediLodge CNA has been charged by the Michigan AG’s office with second-degree vulnerable adult abuse and with intentionally recording false information in a medical record.

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