Iowa Nursing Home Cited by State for Resident’s Death from COVID: 

Upon investigating the suspected wrongful death of a male resident of Regency Care Center, state inspectors discovered numerous un-investigated nursing home malpractice complaints against the facility.

An Iowa nursing home has been cited by the state for causing the death of a resident with COVID, says an article on Iowa Capital Dispatch. As per the article, Iowa state inspectors say a male resident of the Regency Care Center in Norwalk, who was suffering from COVID-19, was not properly assessed by staff and later died from respiratory failure as a result of that negligence.

According to state inspectors’ reports, the man, who had just tested positive for COVID-19, was experiencing shortness of breath on Dec. 4 of 2022. Despite a worker’s report to a nurse that the man’s lungs rattled loudly and he “looked like death,” the nurse responded that the symptoms were typical of the illness and took no further action. The next day the resident was taken by ambulance to the emergency room, where he died hours later of a combination of chronic respiratory failure and viral sepsis resulting from COVID-19.

Inspectors reported that negligence on the part of Regency Care’s nursing staff amounted to nursing home malpractice to the extent of causing the wrongful death of the resident; furthermore, this circumstance of negligence and nursing home malpractice placed the other residents of the facility in immediate jeopardy. While performing their investigation of the resident’s death, state inspectors discovered several pending complaints against Regency Care, the large majority of them substantiated.

As was the case at Regency Care, nursing home wrongful deaths often occur when a nursing home fails to monitor the health or the safety of its residents. When a resident dies as the result of abuse, neglect, or other nursing home malpractice, family members ought to secure an experienced wrongful death attorney who can help file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Holding Nursing Homes Responsible for Negligence and Wrongful Death

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