Illinois Nursing Home Faces Multiple Violations after Video Captures 87-year-old Resident Falling Face-first from Wheelchair: Subsequent to this falling incident, this Illinois nursing home, during a transfer of ownership, further subjected its residents to nursing home malpractice by allowing hours to go by with zero medical staff on the premises.

An Illinois nursing home is facing numerous violations in the wake of a nursing home malpractice incident caught on video, says an ABC News article. Video footage from the Wellshire Warren Barr nursing home in Lincolnshire, Ill., shows an elderly resident in transport falling forward from her wheelchair and landing on the ground in April of 2022.

According to the article, Marilyn Glass, 87, was considered high risk for falls. Glass had a care plan in place instructing that leg rests or wheelchair foot rests needed to be on “at all times during transport” as a safety measure. Glass’s daughter, who was called into the home immediately after her mother’s fall from her wheelchair, claims no foot pedals had been secured to the wheelchair. Lincolnshire police obtained the video of the fall. After investigating the matter, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) found that Wellshire had “failed to ensure a wheelbound resident was transported in a safe manner,” a clear incidence of nursing home malpractice. Finding Wellshire in violation of Improper Nursing Care and Resident Injury, IDPH levied a fine of $1,100 against the home.

To escalate matters, just days after the falling incident, after the facility changed ownership to become Wealshire Center of Excellence, police and state officials were notified by residents’ family members that there was a dangerous shortage of medical staff to provide patient care at the facility. According to the article, the IDPH investigation report on the May 1 lack-of-medical-staffing incident stated the following:

  • No medical director was on staff for the 108 residents, and no licensed nurses were present in the facility from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.
    • Leaving the entire population of Wealshire without medical care put residents in jeopardy and at risk of injury or possibly even death, requiring the need for a wrongful death attorney. Such negligence is a blatant example of nursing home malpractice. Several residents were taken to the hospital by family members that day.
  • Patients did not receive morning medications
    • Ensuring that residents receive the medications they need is the responsibility of the nursing home, and any failure to do so amounts to nursing home malpractice. Lack of necessary medication can put residents at risk of numerous health problems, and in serious cases, at risk of suffering wrongful death, which would necessitate the involvement of a wrongful death attorney.
  • Due to lack of staff, patients did not get out of bed that day
    • Leaving patients in their beds for the day not only puts them at risk of developing bedsores, but also potentially impacts their hygiene and leaves the potential for nursing home falls, all of which equal nursing home malpractice.

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