Head of Troubled N.J. Veterans Home Dismissed:

The CEO of a New Jersey veterans home that has had persistent troubles since the onslaught of the pandemic has been dismissed, says an article on northjersey.com. CEO Jennifer Causer is out of her job at Memorial Home at Menlo Park, following the emergence of evidence of nursing home malpractice in the form of serious health and safety violations that allegedly endangered residents’ lives. Causer’s replacement comes as part of Gov. Phil Murphy’s efforts to privatize management at this and two other troubled state-run veterans homes: Paramus Veterans Memorial Home and New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home at Vineland.

Following a recent months-long COVID outbreak that led to over a dozen deaths at Menlo Park as well as an inspection report that revealed unsafe infection control practices and other instances of nursing home malpractice at the home, the governor took the step to outsource the management of the home to a private company. Once the federal government put a stop to any new admissions to the facility until reforms addressing nursing home malpractice have been made,The Murphy administration also sent a team of “mission-critical” long-term care professionals to remediate safety violations and issues of nursing home malpractice at Menlo Park.

In the spring of 2020, Menlo Park, along with Paramus, made the news when over 200 residents from the homes died early in the pandemic. Infection control issues amounting to serious nursing home malpractice were revealed; despite the call for reforms and the replacement of the CEOs—Causer was the replacement in 2021 for former CEO Elizabeth Schiff-Heedles—the inspection conducted in August and September of 2022 revealed that proper infection control practices had never been implemented. The subsequent months-long COVID outbreak resulted in 225 staff COVID infections, 76 resident infections, and 17 resident deaths. Causer, head of troubled N.J. veterans home dismissed as the many violations and COVID-related malpractice has persisted.

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