Cathedral Village
H.R. McMaster Death Philadelphia Care Facility

In April of 2018, CNN reported that the father of H.R. McMaster, former national security advisor to President Donald Trump, died of blunt impact head trauma at Cathedral Village, a continuing care retirement facility in Philadelphia, where H.R. McMaster Sr. was a resident. Although ruled an accident, McMaster Sr.’s death is being treated as suspicious.

Nursing Home Neglect

This shocking incident, while extraordinary due to the high-profile names involved, sadly is not unique. It is an unfortunate reality that elderly residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities suffer injuries and even death under the care of, or even at the hands of, caregivers. It is the worst nightmare of family members who entrust the care of their parents or beloved elderly relations to strangers: that their loved ones will be disrespected, neglected, or physically abused. That a parent could die accidentally of blunt impact head trauma is probably beyond comprehension for most people seeking elder care for their loved one.
After reviewing the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s online records of Cathedral Village, CNN reported that multiple citations against the facility were issued, among them a range of infractions involving staff and patient care, multiple failures to report allegations of elder abuse, a number of health citations, and occasions of failing to meet standards of patient care. Incidents of elder neglect or elder abuse are rarely isolated and are often symptomatic of ongoing circumstances within the facility at which incidents occur.

This is where the expertise of a nursing home abuse attorney is invaluable. In my experience representing elderly residents subjected to nursing home abuse and neglect in the Philadelphia, PA, area and New Jersey, I’ve seen time and again the physical and psychological signs in residents and the environmental symptoms of facilities that have come to typify nursing home neglect and abuse. Without exception, problems stem from staffing issues: either a facility is understaffed, resulting in overworked and overburdened caregivers, or the facility is staffed by unqualified or indifferent employees. In either case, frustrated, angry, or uncaring staff cannot and should not be coming in contact with elderly persons deserving of quality nursing home care.

I’m certain the national attention given to this tragedy involving Mr. McMaster Sr. will cause many people in this country who have placed an elderly loved one in a nursing home or retirement facility to take a closer look at the care their beloved family member is receiving. It is my hope that anyone suspecting abuse or neglect will contact an attorney. The early intervention by an experienced attorney is key in preserving your elderly family member from neglect, from abuse, and from wrongful death.

If your loved one is in a home or facility in the Philadelphia, PA, area or in New Jersey, and you suspect neglect or abuse, please contact Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Brian P. Murphy for a free, one-on-one consultation.