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The Need for a Woodbridge Bed Sore Attorney

If you have a loved one in a Woodbridge or Middlesex County nursing home, you need to know that you or your loved one is at risk of developing a bed sore, which is a very serious medical condition and often a sign of nursing home neglect. If left untreated, bed sores can deteriorate rapidly, cause great pain and suffering, and may even lead to wrongful death. If you or someone you know one is at risk or has already developed a bed sore, immediately call Woodbridge bed sore attorney Brian P. Murphy, Esq., today for a free one-on-one discussion about your case.


Bed Sores are Often Avoidable

Bed sores, also known as pressure sores, are a common occurrence at some Woodbridge and Middlesex County nursing homes; hence, the need for a Woodbridge bed sore attorney. Although you may be told differently by the nursing home, bed sores are also almost always preventable. With proper assessments, monitoring, and attentive care, bed sores most certainly can be avoided.


What Are Bed Sores?

Bed sores are wounds that develop as a result of unrelieved pressure on the skin.
Bed sores typically develop in the following areas:

  • Buttocks
  • Heels
  • Sacrum
  • Hips
  • Elbows
  • Shoulder blades
  • Ischium (sit bone)


What Causes Bed Sores?

Bed sores do not develop unless the body is exposed to prolonged unrelieved pressure. This pressure often comes about when nursing home residents are left sitting or lying for long periods of time without being repositioned. When the skin is exposed to such continuous pressure, it begins to break down. Depending upon the action of the nursing home staff, the wound can either be resolved or it may further deteriorate.


Bed Sores Stages

  • Stage I bedsores are wounds that generally consist of a small area of reddened skin about the size of a quarter. Stage I bed sores may be slightly painful but sometimes are not; however, they should not be taken lightly. Stage I bedsores pose a serious threat to a person’s well-being. If neglected, the Stage I bed sore can rapidly deteriorate.
  • Stage II bedsores take the form of an abrasion or blister. The skin is still fully intact. They too are sometimes painful or tender.
  • Stage III bedsores are larger and more serious. The skin is no longer intact. A stage III bedsore has a wound that often begins to emanate an odor and drain fluid. The muscle tissue inside the wound becomes necrotic.
  • Stage IV bedsores occur where the bed sore has grown and deepened. Stage IV bed sores are often infected which cause further deterioration. Puss and discharge is also often found. A stage IV bedsore often reaches the depth of the individual’s bone.


Negligent Nursing Homes in Woodbridge & Middlesex County

Any individual admitted to a Woodbridge or Middlesex County nursing home is required under the law to have their skin assessed for potential skin breakdown. If that individual is determined to be at risk for skin breakdown, the nursing home is required to pay close attention to the individual’s skin issues. If the skin is not properly assessed, monitored, and treated then the staff has been negligent. Contacting a qualified, local Woodbridge bed sore attorney, such as Brian P. Murphy, is strongly advised.

If your loved one is at risk or has already developed a bed sore, contact nursing home bed sore attorney, Brian P. Murphy, and get your questions answered.


Contact a Woodbridge Bed Sore Attorney

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