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If you have a loved one in a Lancaster nursing home, you should know that your family member could be at risk of suffering from bed sores. Bed sores, also known as  pressure sores, are a serious concern in many Lancaster nursing homes. Once a bed sore develops, it will develop into a very serious medical problem unless it is immediately and appropriately treated.

Attorney Brian P. Murphy devotes his law practice to cases involving nursing home neglect. He has successfully litigated many bed sores legal actions. Mr. Murphy handles cases throughout Lancaster County. Call Brian P. Murphy, Esq. for a free consultation.


Defining Bed Sores

Bed sores are pressure-induced wounds. When continuous pressure is placed on skin, the skin wears down and a wound is formed. Bed sores begin seemingly harmless as small reddened areas about the size of a coin. However, without proper attention and care these small wounds can quickly develop into large, deep, life-threatening wounds.

Bed sores typically develop on certain areas of the body including:

  • Heels
  • Sacrum
  • Shoulder blades
  • Ischium (sit bone)
  • Elbows
  • Lower back
  • Hips
  • Buttocks


What Causes Bed Sores

Bed sores develop when the skin is exposed to continuous, on-going pressure.  Pressure needs to be offloaded regularly. Proper turning and repositioning by the nursing staff must always be done. If timely turning and repositioning is not done, a bed sore will develop.

When it comes to avoiding bed sores, it is also necessary to make sure nursing home residents receive proper nutrition, hydration and hygiene care. If these are not being provided, it puts a resident at greater risk of bed sore development. When a nursing home resident develops a bed sore and this care has not been properly provided, that person is likely the victim of nursing home neglect.


Bed Sores are Often Avoidable

Bed sores are a common occurrence at some Lancaster nursing home facilities; however, with proper care, bed sores can be avoided. When Lancaster nursing homes provide proper skin care, bed sores are prevented.


Nursing Home Neglect

Any resident admitted to a Lancaster nursing home is required to have his or her skin assessed to determine if he or she is at risk of pressure wounds. If a nursing home resident is determined to be at risk, the Lancaster facility is required to take certain action. If this is not done and a pressure ulcer develops, nursing home neglect has occurred.

If your loved one has developed a bed sore, contact Pennsylvania nursing home abuse attorney, Brian P. Murphy. He will help you hold the facility responsible.


Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorney

Brian P. Murphy is an experienced and successful Pennsylvania nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer. He commonly represents Pennsylvania nursing home residents subjected to bed sores. If you see signs of nursing home abuse, take action; contact Brian P. Murphy for a free consultation.

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