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If your loved one has died unexpectedly or under suspicious circumstances in an Abington or Montgomery County nursing home, you want to have the death investigated. This is important because you should find out if wrongful death has occurred.  Brian P. Murphy, Esq. is an experienced and successful Abington wrongful death attorney who practices law in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Brian Murphy is an Abington Wrongful Death Attorney

Abington Wrongful Death Attorney

Defining Nursing Home Wrongful Death

When an Abington nursing home resident dies as a result of the neglectful or abusive behavior of nursing home care providers (elder abuse), hence, nursing home wrongful death has occurred.  While the injuries resulting in death vary, some common injuries almost always include:

Regardless of how a nursing home wrongful death occurs, loved ones need to know their deceased resident has legal rights. Especially relevant, laws in Pennsylvania allow family members to file lawsuits against Abington nursing homes in order to be compensated for the loss of their loved one.

Filing a legal action against an Abington nursing home for wrongful death is complicated; therefore, you want an attorney who understands Pennsylvania nursing home law. Brian P. Murphy, Esq., is a well-regarded and experienced Pennsylvania nursing home litigator. He will meet with you and take the time to explain in detail the process of filing a claim against an Abington nursing home or care facility. Please contact Mr. Murphy for a free consultation to learn your rights today.

Abington Wrongful Death Claims Against Nursing Homes

Most of all, the injured party probably will bring a lawsuit; however, when the injured party has died, Pennsylvania law permits family members or others to bring a wrongful death claim on behalf the decedent.

In order to fully understand your rights, contact nursing home attorney Brian P. Murphy. Mr. Murphy regularly deals with nursing home wrongful death casesIf you suspect your loved one has passed away due, in part or in whole, to nursing home abuse or neglect, you should contact a qualified Abington wrongful death attorney such as Brian Murphy. He will take the time to explain to you every legal option you have available.

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Contact Nursing Home Attorney Brian P. Murphy

In conclusion, Brian P. Murphy, Esq. is an experienced and well-regarded nursing home abuse attorney who has successfully represented many elderly residents subjected to nursing home abuse and neglect. Most noteworthy, Mr. Murphy handles cases throughout Philadelphia / Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and practices law at his Newtown, Pennsylvania office. If you see signs of nursing home abuse or neglect, you should, therefore, take immediate action today. Contact nursing home abuse attorney, Brian P. Murphy for a free consultation.

All Philadelphia / PA and NJ nursing home abuse and neglect cases are billed on a contingency fee basis. Consequently, all Philadelphia / Pennsylvania and New Jersey nursing home wrongful death cases are personally handled by Brian Murphy.

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